Rahmm Thai Handmade Official Launch

Dear Readers,

We are very excited to launch our international online store today as an extension of our bricks and mortar business in Thailand. We have been in business for decades and sell Thai handicrafts, apparel, accessories, pillows, and more to locals and foreigners who visit our physical shop.

After a lot of hard work in learning how to build a website, taking professional photos, and learning online marketing, we are proud to say that today is the start of a new and promising adventure with our community.


Rahmm Thai Handmade Official Launch

Our Mission

Our long standing vision is to bring together a community of people who are passionate about Thai handicrafts and the artisans who make them. Besides Etsy, it seems like there are a lot of unanswered questions around Thai handmade products and particularly getting them recognized in foreign markets.

Most of the stories become untold and the artisans who make them unheard. Our ultimate goal is to feature more artisan products on our website and to get you connected to these amazing products.

If you have ever visited Thailand, you may have seen some of our products in local street markets. We want to get these products seen globally and by doing so you end up supporting the hard working artisans of Thailand who created them.

Handmade Umbrella - Rahmm Thai Handmade Online Shop



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