Why do other sellers have various sizes and your shop only offers one size fits all?

We’ve tried using various sizes before but customers were just not very happy with picking the wrong size. So we redesigned and refitted all of our apparel to accomodate 95% of body types, heights, and fits. Our apparel will give you that tapered look and will be comfortable, no matter what body type. Also, one size fits all means much less of a headache for us dealing with angry customers who picked the wrong size.

Why is standard shipping so slow?

10-25 days standard shipping is not slow for international standards. Customs in various countries is incredibly inefficient and lead to long wait times. If you order a package during holiday season in your country or in Thailand, the post office could hold it up. Also, the products are all handmade, so there are also some lead times involved in making the products.

Finally, we send packages within 2 business days of payment on our online store. This does not include holidays in Thailand and just remember the post office is closed on Sundays and only open in the morning on Saturday. If there is a long holiday and you submitted your order right beforehand, sorry you will just have to wait a few days extra.

I’ve paid for the item. Why haven’t you sent it yet and where is my tracking number?

Please keep in mind we will process and pack your order as soon as we receive it. Unfortunately, the post office is not open 24/7 in Thailand. It is open for half a day on Saturday and closed on Sundays. Also there are holiday breaks in Thailand where the post office system closes entirely. So the short answer is that is not that we have forgotten about your package. It is most likely we are waiting for the post office to open.

If you paid for your item and are expecting a package sent email confirmation with tracking within a few hours, this is just too unrealistic. There are time zone difference between where you order and in Thailand. We are likely sleeping or out of the store if you haven’t responded to you. Please give us a day and at most two business days to respond.

Is using or storing credit card information safe on this site?

Absolutely. We use the Shopify platform which is renowned for its speed and online security. Shopify works with Paypal and Stripe Payments when processing credit card information. These are all highly secure payment processors used by a good majority of online merchants. 

Is storing my address, passwords, and other information safe on this site?

Yes, our site is automatically SSL encrypted via the Shopify Platform. This means there is a padlock next to the domain name in your browser window and the site begins with https. In other words, it is made to handle secure credit card transactions, data transfers and logins. 

Where are your products made and how are they made?

Our products are all made locally in our little village town Renu Nakhon in the Nakhon Phanom province of Thailand. The population of our town is around 2,000 people and the main tourist attraction is a Thai Temple.

When we say our products are handmade, it means a real person did a majority of the work with their hands to create it. For some of the products, we used sewing machines to assist in our work, but the cutting and most of the stitching are still done by hand. None of our products go through a factory assembly line. 

I’ve been to Thailand and the products are much cheaper here. Why am I paying more for it at your store?

If you’ve been to a night market or visited a bazaar in Thailand, you will probably find many of our products stocked. This is because we also wholesale to local vendors around Thailand such as in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The price is cheaper locally in Thailand in these markets because we do not pay for picking, packing, shipping, packaging costs, import duties, and marketing costs to foreign countries. 

If you don’t believe us, try buying our products here in Thailand and sending it to yourself to your country. See how much of a premium you end up paying and then ask yourself if it was worth all that work.