Shipping Options

All of our orders ship out from Thailand within 2 business days of your placing an order. We offer two shipping options: standard and express shippping.

Standard Shipping is sent via Thai Post which includes a tracking number. It takes anywhere from 10 to 25 days but we find the average time being around 14 days or two weeks.

Express or fast shipping is sent out via EMS and includes a tracking number. It takes 5 to 10 days to arrive at your destination of choice. This time variance depends on how fast it clears customs. 

Important Points

Please note that both standard and express shipping REQUIRE live signatures or the package will bounce to the nearest post office. You will need to schedule a pick up date on the tracking site if you are not there to sign. Please do not just order and expect the package to arrive without you doing anything. You need to track the status of your package and if you miss the deliver time and location, you are reesponsible for coordinating with the post office about redelivery or a local post office pick up.

Standard shipping takes 10-25 days because international shipping takes some time. There is a lot of logistics involved in shipping any item internationally including customs clearance and just the general efficiencies of mail systems of many countries. If you are willing to wait a bit for your package, we can promise you it is worth the wait. 


You will receive an e-mail telling you we have already sent out your order, which also includes a tracking number. This number, which includes the alphabetical letters can be tracked on the following site:

Shipping to the USA can be tracked via USPS using the same tracking number and the following site: You can also tracking the shipment to the USA via the thailand post tracking website as well for more details about the specific location. Generally, Thai Post tracks the shipment better in Thailand and USPS gives you more details when the package is inside of the USA.


Customs is known to hold packages up a bit, especially during holiday seasons in your country. If the location of your package according to the tracking site is held in an airport, it is most likely still in customs. If it gets held in that status for more than 10 days, don’t worry! We rarely have had a package not get delivered eventually and often the tracking site will not reflect the real time location of your package.